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What is a Desktop Wallpaper

Monday, 19 September 2016

People today use decorative backgrounds on their computer screen and other communication devices. These images running in the background of your computer are called desktop wallpapers. As people spend more time on their computers every day, they tend to suffer from eyestrain and boredom. A desktop wallpaper is a good remedy for eyestrain and boredom that comes with working on a computer.
The purpose of a desktop wallpaper is to make your computer screen both attractive and interesting. Computers, smart phones, tablets, laptops and netbooks come with a customary set of wallpaper. Many people will use the wallpapers that are available on their computers, while others may want to change them to something more personal, like their way of life or a hobby. There are those too who change their desktop wallpaper to match their mood. So, if you are fed up with the customary wallpapers and you want something that portrays your personality, here are a few pointers to consider in selecting the best desktop wallpaper for your computer.

Desktop Wallpaper

It is a fact that all websites offering wallpapers divide them into several categories, such as nature, music, films, technology, animation, music, wild animals, art and animations. You can simplify your search by deciding on the category that best suits your lifestyle, hobbies or interests. The amount of free space on your computer will determine the number of desktop wallpapers you can download. The more free space you have on your computer, the more screen images you will be able to download. If your free space is limited, then you need to select the images that appeal to you the most. In addition, you can delete the old ones and replace them with new desktop wallpapers.

There are two ways you can get desktop wallpaper images; use the images you already have to create your own or download existing ones online.

Downloading images online is the best option if you don't know how to build wallpaper. To find the pictures you want, just type in your favorite search engine the keywords of the wallpaper theme. Within seconds, you will see a list of the websites that offer the right images. The beauty of finding desktop wallpapers online is that they are free for the taking on many websites. Be careful with these free online wallpapers because some of the websites offering them may have destructive viruses. Therefore, to be safe, ensure that you check the website's reliability. Check the resolution of the image before you download. This will tell you if the image will match with your computer. Failure to check the image's resolution can result in an image that is too small or too large or looks like an unattractive piece of art.

You can create desktop wallpaper on your own by selecting from your personal collection. To do this, you should have a wide variety of high quality pictures. Similarly, the pictures you select to create your desktop wallpaper must match your interest. Let's say you are a nature lover, then your pictures can become great desktop wallpapers. Pictures of family members, pets or friends can make great wallpapers for your desktop too. Just arrange them to create a collage that gives you a unique wallpaper, which will be a constant reminder of significant dates, events and places.
Go ahead and choose desktop wallpapers to add some zing to your life. Just ensure that you choose quality images with the correct resolution.

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